ZCorporation ZPrinter 450 - Z450 3D Colour Printer

Z-Printer Z450

ZCorporation ZPrinter 450 - Z450 3D PrinterThe first automated full colour 3D Printer

Now you can turn 3D-CAD data into 3D colour models more quickly and more cost-effectively, you can do it every day – right in your office – with the ZPrinter® Z450.

Output brilliant colour 3D models & prototypes, in 450dpi resolution;

  • Do it 5x to 10x faster than other 3D printers
  • Save up to 40% time making models with patented automatic operation
  • Patented operation allows a powder printer to be used in your design office!
  • The Z450 follows a tradition of delivering 3D models
    at low cost, quickly and in full colour.

Z Corp. is the only company that makes a full-color 3D printer, an output device that transforms electronic 3D data into handheld physical models. Color dramatically communicates the proposed look, feel and style of engineering product designs and architectural concepts, and vividly renders landscapes, electronic entertainment objects, and medical information. The ZPrinter 450, however, introduces first-ever capabilities for a color 3D printer, including:

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Automated operation

The ZPrinter 450 simplifies the 3D printing process with automated operation at every step. New features include automatic setup, powder loading, and self-monitoring of materials and print status. For the first time, a 3D printer automatically removes and recycles loose powder.

Time saving

Automated operation and new quick-change material cartridges reduce touch time by 40 percent. The ZPrinter 450 also produces color in a new way with a single tri-color print head instead of multiple print heads, reducing cost and enabling 66% faster changes.

Office friendly

The ZPrinter 450 is optimized for a front-office environment. It is quiet, uses safe build materials, employs “negative pressure” and a closed loop system to contain airborne particles, and produces zero liquid waste. New “no-touch” powder and binder cartridges enable clean loading of build materials. An integrated fine-powder removal chamber reduces the footprint of the system. And unlike 3D printers that attach support structures to models that later require removal with dangerous razors or chemical baths, the ZPrinter 450 supports models with loose powder that is removed automatically. These capabilities make the ZPrinter 450 as safe and unobtrusive as a standard copier.

Desktop and printer control

Users can control the ZPrinter 450 from either the desktop or 3D printer itself. New ZPrint™ software lets users monitor powder, binder, and ink levels from their desktops, and remotely read the machine’s LCD display. The expanded on-board printer display and interface enables users to perform more operations than ever at the machine.

"The integrated powder removal sytem is a very big step forward for the technology and company", said industry consultant and analyst Terry Wohlers. "When considering the easy loading of binder, powder and print heads the Z450 becomes very interesting for a price under €40.000,00. If you were unsure about buying a 3D printer, there is now more motivation to get one".

The new lower price, for the Z450 (and other Z-Printers), brings high-definition 3D color printing within the range of small-to-medium businesses and operating divisions. The low price makes it easier to justify return on investment against outsourcing to service bureaus. The new low price and extra introduction offer to higher education makes 3D printing more affordable for technical schools and universities.

In common with other Z Printers The Z450 is the most easy 3D printer to use, and with its automatic functions the user spends even less time making models then ever before. The new Z450 is not only in a class of its own but is leading the way for a new generation of 3D printers and a new way of creating 3D models.

Z Printer Z450 Colour 3D Printer Specifications

Build Speed

24mm per hour (full build volume)

X – Y Resolution

300dpi x 450dpi

3D Layer Thickness (User Selectable)

0,0875mm, 0,1mm or 0.2mm

3D Printing System

1xHP10 Gravity Fed Binder;
1xHP57 Colour Cartridge

Maximum Size X Y Z (3D Model)

20cm x 25cm x 20cm

Z450 Size W D H

122cm x 79cm x 140cm

Z450 Weight

193kg – moveable on wheels


10/100BaseT TCP/IP

Computer Hardware

Contact Z Solutions EU

Computer Operating System

MS Windows X-Pro or Vista



Contact Z Solutions EU for more information and a demonstration.

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